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Oklahoma Hunting and Fishing License
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Durant, OK 74702-1210
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After nearly a year of negotiations with the State of Oklahoma, The Choctaw Nation is excited to announce that hunting and fishing license will now be available for all Choctaw citizens residing within Oklahoma regardless of age or if they are a current Oklahoma lifetime license holder. This partnership will allow us to gain licenses for all Choctaws while preserving the wildlife population and ensuring that it will be sustained for the future.

Choctaws under the age of 16 will receive 1 hunting and fishing licenses combo, 1 Deer license and 1 Turkey license. Choctaw citizens age 16 or older will receive 1 hunting and fishing license combo, up to 6 deer licenses, up to 4 turkey licenses, 1 trapping license, 1 fur bearer’s license, Oklahoma waterfowl stamp, and a land access permit for the Three Rivers and Honobia Creek Wildlife Management Areas. These licenses will be available at no cost to the tribal citizens.

Kil owvtta micha nvni ki hokli! (lets go hunting and fishing)

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Choctaw Tribal Member
  • Oklahoma Resident

Please allow 8-10 weeks processing time for receipt of your new license.
Applicable fish and wildlife laws still apply to Choctaw license holders.

Please do not attempt submitting a second application if incorrect data was submitted during the first application request. Any attempt after the first submitted application will automatically be rejected from the system.

If changes should be made to your hunting and fishing license application, please contact, or call 580-924-8280 ext. 2503

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